We are Alex Meystelman and Lyuba Ellingson, co-founders of Red Elixir Business Solutions and co-authors of The Definitive Guide to PR for Small Businesses. In case you were wondering, we are siblings! We are entrepreneurs with a passion for online interactive marketing, social media and technology. Since 2010, we have helped countless business owners expand their businesses, attract more clients and generate more income through the use of online marketing and social media.Cofounders

We are passionate about helping business owners grow and succeed! After all, our country was built on business. Besides, once you get it figured out, being your own boss is AMAZING!  Not that we are biased or anything… But seriously, we get a high from clients who implement our processes and then call with success stories!

We help growth oriented business owners get organized about online marketing.

We are superb at providing clients with custom roadmaps and blueprints that demystify social media, leading to increased productivity and more paying clients!

We are obsessed with systemizing processes and using cool tools to work smarter so that we and our clients can achieve greater results.

We are known for our creativity, passion for design, and tenacity for unique solutions.


What’s with the Name?

Elixir  [ih-lik-ser] noun – Elixirs are problem solvers by design. They are also liquids which are fluid and can take the shape of anything they are poured into, just like us.

Red  [red] noun, adjective – You’ve probably figured out the answer to this one already…


5 Things You Were Wondering About Us

  1. We were born in Moscow, Russia. Yes we still speak Russian fluently!
  2. We grew up in NYC but somehow ended up near Minneapolis, MN in the early 2000’s. We were lucky enough to have discovered snowboarding or we would have ran away screaming for warmer weather a long time ago.
  3. We have been best friends for as long as we can remember so working together every day is a dream come true.
  4. Both of us are addicted to black tea. It’s fair to say we are tea snobs.
  5. We have been entrepreneurs from an early age. No lemonade stands in our past but we were successful in making decent dents in our college tuition from our nanny, pet and house sitting services (just to name a few).